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Prepackaged Tree Bundles

The Kansas Conservation Tree Planting Program offers bundles of plantings aimed at a specific purpose, such as for wildlife or songbirds. The program also offers stratified Pecan and Walnut seeds for growing your own seedlings.

Bundles are comprised of several species of trees only, or trees and shrubs, depending on which bundles are selected.  The Songbird Bundle is comprised of mostly shrubs and small trees designed to attract and provide cover and food for songbirds where limited planting space is a factor.  The Wildlife Bundle is comprised of shrubs and one species of tall deciduous trees designed to provide food and cover for animals of all sizes, including upland birds, where limited space is not a restriction.  The Wildlife Mast Bundle is comprised entirely of tall deciduous trees and is designed to provide food sources for large animals, especially deer and turkeys, where limited planting space is not a factor.

The Kansas Conservation Tree Planting Program proudly offers these specialty bundles.