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Songbird Bundle

The Songbird Bundle contains 18 trees and shrubs selected for their attractiveness to songbirds. The Songbird Bundle is a cooperative effort between the Department of Wildlife and Parks and Kansas Forest Service. The cost of the bundle is partially financed by the Department of Wildlife and Parks from contributions to the Chickadee Checkoff on your state income tax form.

As man's use of the lands around us increases in intensity, wildlife habitat continues to dwindle and islands of permanent woody vegetation in both urban and rural areas become increasingly important to songbirds. The Songbird Bundle can serve as a nucleus of cover and food around which you can develop additional wildlife plantings 

When developing habitat for songbirds, plant form is very important. A greater diversity of wildlife will be attracted to a diverse habitat structure. If space permits, plantings should include tall trees (30-plus feet), medium trees (15-plus feet), small shrubs, vines, plus open areas of native grasses and flowering plants. The Songbird Bundle does not contain sufficient plants to meet all of the needs of songbirds. Once grown, however, the bundle will create a small island of plants which will provide some year-round cover and supplemental food during late summer, fall, and winter, thus attracting birds for your enjoyment.

For design layouts and more information about the Songbird bundle visit Songbird bundle publication

Planting The Bundle
The soil should be spaded prior to planting.  Plant the trees and shrubs at the same depth as they grew in their nursery with the roots spread in their natural habitat.  Firm the soil around the roots, making sure the roots are in contact with the soil.  Water thoroughly after planting.  The area should be kept cultivated or mulched to promote plant growth.

Use your imagination to fit these plants to your area.  The following drawings show some alternatives for using these plants to provide an attractive habitat.  The suggested designs are to enhance the effectiveness of the Songbird Bundle in providing cover and food for wildlife.

For more information please read the full description of a Songbird Bundle here.