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Current Fire Situation Kansas

Daily Fire Situation Report For 3/29/2017

Fire Danger Focus:

Recent heavy and extended rainfall across most of the state has moderate the fire risk. Heavy fuel loadings remain, and a return of dry and windy weather could mark a return of significant fire danger, but no immediate areas of concern exist.
See more detailed weather briefings and links to all NWS Fire Weather Forecasts on the KFS Fire Weather Page.

Initial Attack Activity: Initial attack has been reported (minimal | light |moderate | heavy)
Initial attack has been reported. Due to recent precipitation, initial attack has been minimal across most of Kansas in recent days.

Extended Atack: No extended attack incidents have been reported to KFS at this time.

Large Fire Reports

Inc NameUnitAcres% ContainedPersonnelApparatusStructures LostComments



Please report any large fires whether ongoing or recently contained, here. Large is considered anything over 100 acres in timber, or 300 acres in brush/grass. Timely reporting will enhance the value and accuracy of this report.

This report is updated daily or as fire danger and/or activity warrant

Note: This page is still being developed and cannot yet be updated as frequently as we would like. We will update as often as practical and warranted, but lack of new information does not conclusively indicate there is no concern.