Community Forestry Publications

Kansas Forest Service Publications:

Kansas State University Publications:

  • All About Pruning C550 PDF
    Correct pruning is as important for the long life of a tree as is disease and insect control. Most of the pruning and tree training operation can be done by homeowners...

  • Fertilizing Trees in the Landscape MF2707 PDF
    Shade and ornamental trees and shrubs often benefit from added fertilizer.  Fertilization can result in more rapid growth; faster recovery ...

  • Handling and Planting Container Grown Trees MF1119 PDF
    While many experienced landscape professionals prefer field-grown balled and bur lapped trees for landscape plantings, the nursery industry is producing greater numbers of container-grown ...

  • Iron Chlorosis in Trees MF718 PDF
    Iron chlorosis occurs when iron in the soil is either deficient or unavailable to the tree.  Several species of ornamental and forest trees in Kansas suffer ...

  • Selecting and Planting a Tree L870 PDF
    When choosing trees at the nursery be sure to select a high quality product.  This illustration identifies most points to look for in a dormant specimen tree 5 feet or more in height.

  • Staking and Guying Landscape Trees MF1120 PDF
    Staking or guying landscape trees on exposed sites can be an important ingredient to tree planting success in the Great Plains.  While current research seems to suggest that such practices ...

  • Trees and Shrubs for Difficult Sites MF2205 PDF
    Lists of trees and shrubs for dry and wet locations.

  • Trees and Shrubs that Attract Songbirds and Wildlife L845 PDF
    Lists of trees and shrubs that attract wildlife.  Provides information on the quality and season of food, cover and nesting quality, Plant range, and habitat, and some general remarks about the  plant.

  • Urban and Community Forestry Program L797 PDF
    The purpose of the Urban and Community Forest Program in Kansas is to provide for the planting and management of public trees in cities and towns.  This includes trees growing on street right of ways