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Jesse Sloan

Jesse Sloan is the Southeastern District Fire Management Officer covering 19 Counties. Jesse has over 11 years of experience with a background in wildland and structure firefighting.

In addition to his firefighting experience, Jesse spent several years working with local and volunteer fire departments to train, educate, and build multi-county departmental relationships to provide better responses to the communities we serve.Jesse Sloan, Kansas Forest Service Southeastern District Fire Management Officer

Jesse holds several National Wildland Coordinating Group Qualifications including: Task Force Leader, Division Group Supervisor (T), Crew Boss, Engine Boss, Firing Boss, RXB 3 burn Boss, Advanced Faller, ICT4, and several other structure fire and company officer certifications.

As a District Fire Management Officer, Jesse serves fire departments and communities by providing wildland fire training, direct incident report and community preparedness.

Jesse resides in Parsons, Kansas with my father.

Phone: 785-530-9523