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Mark Haller

Conservation Tree Program Coordinator

Mark HallerMark Haller has been with the Kansas Forest Service since 1992.  He has worked in the technical position of Plant Science Technician to the professional position of Conservation Specialist.  In his time with the Kansas Forest Service, he has gained valuable experience in container-grown tree seedling production.  He grows the containerized evergreens for the Conservation Tree Planting Program.  He also supervises the student workers and temporary employees during the tree distribution season.

Prior to joining Kansas Forest Service, Mark spent 2 years working with the water quality program at the Rural Lakes Region Environmental Protection Program.  Prior to that, he worked with Forestry Research at Kansas State University.

Mark has a Bachelor of Science in Agriculture-Natural Resource Management (Parks & Recreation Areas Management) from Kansas State University in Manhattan, Kansas.

2610 Claflin Road
Manhattan, KS  66502
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