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Biochar workshops come to Kansas

“Biochar: Know it, use it, make it” workshops will be held in Norton, Kansas, on October 24 and Pratt, Kansas, on October 25. The workshops are designed for individuals that are interested in using biochar as a value-added component in composting, gardening, farming, windbreak management, or improving their soils and rangelands.

Participants will learn the basics of what biochar is, how it affects soil chemistry from the nano- to macro- scale, and participants will learn how to make biochar through a burn demonstration.

Kelpie Wilson will present the workshop covering biochar basis, pyrolysis basics, and then perform a biochar burn demonstration. Wilson has over 30 years’ experience with renewable energy, sustainable forestry, and resource conservation.

The workshops are presented as a component of the Great Plains Biochar Initiative. GPCI is a grant initiative funded by the USDA Forest Service and is a partnership between the Kansas Forest Service, Nebraska Forest Services, Wilson Biochar Associates, and High Plains Biochar, LLC.

Biochar is created from organic matter and stored in the soil as a means of removing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. It is similar to charcoal in both its production and composition. Biochar production has been identified as a way to utilize waste wood following tree removal, forestry thinning, or from storm damage.

There is no cost to attend either workshop and registration is currently open. Individuals can register online at: or learn more about the events on the Kansas Forest Service Facebook page