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Fall Forestry Field Day 2018

Participants in the 24th annual Fall Forestry Field day on Tuesday, Oct. 16 have the opportunity to visit a high-quality riparian forest on the Tribal Lands of the Kansas Kickapoo Nation.

The day-long workshop, hosted by the Kansas Forest Service, features lessons on wildlife habitat, forest ecology, stream processes, and timber management. Participants will examine a comprehensive forest assessment and management initiative, including multiple streambank stabilization projects, as observable examples of Great Plains forestry at its best.

“The Kickapoo have some of the finest bottomland forests and wildlife in Kansas and natural resource experts will provide practical tips on their care and management,” said Bob Atchison, rural forestry program coordinator.

Sessions focus on two key aspects of forestry; the observable benefits of active forest management and activities that participants can implement in their action management plans.

Alice Boyle, an avian ecologist and assistant professor at Kansas State University, will explore the connection between forestry habitats and their importance to avian roosts.

Creating a woodland habitat for wildlife in the Great Plains of Kansas is one key objective of many property owners. Bill Busby, associate scientist at the Kansas Biological Survey, will explain the approaches to planning and managing natural areas to support wildlife.

Phil Balch who has more than 20 years of experience in stream assessments, soil bioengineering, streambank stabilization, and riparian restorations will discuss the life and processes of a stream. Balch is the president and principal of Wildhorse Riverworks, an organization offering a range of stream and wetland project assistance.

Charles Barden will take participants through actionable items in woodlands management as he provides a lesson on plant identification. Barden, a K-State Research and Extension forester, regularly works with landowners and the public to share the two topics he is passionate about: trees and water quality.

Forest assessment is a key aspect of managing Kansas Woodlands. Ryan Nieses, EcoTone Forestry owner and consulting forester with KFS, will walk participants through the importance of forest assessments and how to perform one.

Ryan Rastok, KFS district forester and forest entomologist, will highlight the working forest management on the Kickapoo Tribal lands.

“The Fall Forestry Field Day provides participants with the best sources of information on managing woodlands in the Great Plains of Kansas,” said Jarran Tindle, watershed forester and an organizer of the event.

The field day will end with a question-and-answer session featuring a panel of tree farmers and natural resource experts.

The cost to attend is $12 including lunch, refreshments, and educational materials. Registration is available online at Registration brochures can be found online: Registration is requested by Oct. 3. Call the Kansas Forest Service state office with questions at 785-532-3300.