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2022 Fall Forestry Field Day



  • Registration for the day is $15 and includes a boxed lunch! To register, please visit our registration website:
  • Download a PDF version of this flyer.
  • Consider brining a patio or portable chair with you to the event for lunchtime seating or to sit during each program.
  • We do have a location for inclement weather and will communicate any change in location due to weather via the email you use in your registration. 
  • Those we are traveling to the area the evening prior may like to stay at the Holiday Inn in Parson's KS for close proximity to the property. 
  • Please consider bringing your checkbook as we will auction off the below side table with proceeds to benefit the Kansas Forestry Association!
    • The Black cherry, used to make the waterfall table, was milled at our 2012 Fall Forestry Field Day held at the Kickapoo Tribe in Kansas' Pow Wow Grounds.  Our Utilization and Marketing Forester, Dave Bruton, milled the log, grown in northeast Kansas, as part of the sawmill demonstration at the event. The lumber produced that day was given away to participants having an interest in utilizing, which resulted in Dan Willard creating this table. Dan also enjoys welding and personally fabricated the metal portion of the table to which the wood is attached.  This finely crafted, live-edge-table is a good example of ways our timber resource can be utilized, even relatively small diameter material. Thank you to Dan for creating and donating this table to benefit the Kansas Forestry Association!