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Fire Planning

Currently, three forms of long range planning is available; Master Fire Plans, Community Wildfire Protection Plans and Community Wildfire Hazard Assessments. All are designed to complement recently developed Forest Action Plan. Master Fire Plan development is a service offered to communities at no charge with two goals: to improve coordination, quality, and safety of fire suppression operations and to improve the Public Protection Classification (PPC) as determined by ISO (Insurance Services Office) to establish rates for homeowner insurance.

A Community Wildfire Protection Plan (CWPP) makes a community eligible to receive matching grant funding to do fuel reduction, prevention education and future planning within the community. A community can be as small as a housing development area or as large as a county, urban or rural.

Community Wildfire Hazard Assessments are broad spectrum surveys, designed to give a community an awareness of the potential fire hazards in and around the community. As with the Master Plan and CWPP, when completed, the Hazard Assessment becomes the property of the community to use at their discretion. No Plan or Assessment is designed to create a financial burden, consolidate fire departments, transfer ownership of departmental equipment or in any way create a hardship for a community. Plans are designed to provide recommendations and realistic solutions to a wide array of department concerns.

To learn more about Master Fire Plans or to request a plan contact Eric Ward, Excess Property Manager/Fire Planning Specialist.