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Kansas Woodland Owners Survey

Father and sonUnderstanding the demographics of who owns our forests and woodlands, what they value about them, and what they plan to do with them is important information for natural resource managers and foresters.  It helps us understand how to communicate and provide relevant services.  A National Woodland Owner Survey was conducted by the US Forest Service between 2002 and 2006.  Listed below are interesting facts about Kansas woodland owners obtained from the survey.

  • There are 101,000 family forest ownerships that own 1.9 million acres.
  • Aesthetics, nature protection, part of the farm and family legacy are the main reason people own forestland.
  • 60% of the woodland owners (62,000) own 1-9 acres.
  • 27% of the woodland owners (28,000) own 10-49 acres.
  • 8% of the woodland owners (9,000) own 50-99 acres.
  • Most have owned forestland for 10 – 49 years.
  • 84% purchased forestland from individuals.
  • 86% of forestland is in joint ownership.
  • 64% of forestland is associated with a farm and is a primary residence
  • Private recreation followed by posting are the primary uses/activities.
  • Conservation easements are not popular and may not be in the future.
  • Most forestland owners are not Tree Farmers and aren’t interested in the Program.
  • Most don’t participate in cost-share programs.
  • Most do not use a forester.
  • Around 50% have had a timber harvest.
  • 6,000 of the 103,000 forestland owners have plans that cover 51,000 of the 1.9 million acres.
  • 12,000 landowners have received forestry advice on 366,000 acres (17%).
  • Most advice comes from KFS followed by federal agencies, landowners and K-State Research and Extension.
  • There are 76,000 Non-Hispanic/Latino family forestland owners who own 1.7 million acres .
  • 101,000 white family forestland owners own 1.8 million acres.
  • There are 75,000 men who own 1.5 million acres of family forestland.
  • 7,000 women who own 163,000 acres of family forestland.
  • 9,000 family forestland owners have vision or hearing disability who own 116,000 acres.
  • 21,000 family forestland owners who own 225,000 acres have a physical disability.
  • 22,000 family forestland owners who own 163,000 acres earn less than $25,000 each year.