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Opportunities exist for education

There is a need to continue promoting the value of riparian forest buffers while simultaneously quantifying what is necessary for a buffer to be functional; often a single row of trees might not be sufficient.  More than one-half of responding non-adopters indicate that they have not previously been exposed to the benefits of having trees located along streams, yet questions related to conservation ethic received some of the highest scores of the survey.  This clearly demonstrates that landowners want to do the right thing, but in regard to riparian forest buffers they might not be aware of what that could, or should, be.

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Likert Scale:
1Completely disagree
3Somewhat agree
4Neither agree nor disagree
5Somewhat agree
7Completely agree
*= Statistically significant difference between responses of non-adopter and adopter
Information based off of response from 205 non-adopters and 36 adopters. Non-adopters identified as landowners lacking adequate riparian vegetation at the time of the study. Adopters included landowners who had voluntarily installed a riparian forest buffer on their property.