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Streamside woodlands need to be perceived as profitable

On average, landowners do not see commercial value in their existing woodlands, indicating opportunities for management activities that would increase the quality of this resource, as well as add to the recognition of its value. New plantings should include high financial value species with faster-growing plant material, including larger and/or superior rootstock and use a design that is not perceived to be competitive with adjacent crops.

Slide 6Likert Scale: 

1Completely disagree
3Somewhat agree
4Neither agree nor disagree
5Somewhat agree
7Completely agree
*= Statistically significant difference between responses of non-adopter and adopter
Information based off of responses from 205 non-adopters and 36 adopters. Non-adopters identified as landowners lacking adequate riparian vegetation at the time of the study. Adopters included landowners who had voluntarily installed a riparian forest buffer on their property.