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K-State Employment Opportunities

The Kansas Forest Service is always looking for energetic, enthusiastic, career-minded individuals who desire to work in an exciting and dynamic industry.
The Kansas Forest Service currently has career opportunities open for the following positions:

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Employment Opportunities with Forestry Contractors

Forestry/Habitat Technician (2 positions available) - Custom Forestry Applications LLC

Duty Description: Implements technical forestry activities on state or private land throughout Kansas and Nebraska at project locations. Conducts timber stand improvements using chainsaws and machetes, stand regeneration, and tree planting. Spraying of noxious weeds using ATV and backpack sprayers. Assists with ground preparation, maintaining food plots, native grass plantings, clearing boundary lines, and repairing and maintaining equipment. Other duties as required.

Full-time Habitat Technician - Custom Forestry Applications, LLC

Job Description: Implements technical wildlife and forestry activities on state and private land throughout Kansas, Nebraska, Iowa and Missouri at project locations. Conducts timber stand improvement, tree planting and pruning. Assists with ground preparation, native grass plantings, food plot installation, maintaining boundary markers, prescribed fire, light equipment repair and maintenance, along with mixing and applying herbicides. Performs other duties as required.