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Kansas Forest Service

Kansas Forest Service
2610 Claflin Road
Manhattan, KS 66502

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Fire Management Program

Emergency Fire Number: (785) 532-3321

Empowering fire departments to provide better service to Kansans through training, equipment, and financial assistance.

For 50 years the Kansas Forest Service, Fire Management Program has provided vehicles and equipment to fire departments to enhance their fire suppression capacity. Current programs are the Excess Personal Property Program (FEPP), Fire Fighter Property (FFP) and the Equipment Donation Program (EDP).  While some restrictions apply, FFP allows the departments to eventually own the equipment and to utilize it for prescribed and controlled burning as well as other civil emergencies.

Education opportunities are available at no cost for fire prevention education, suppression and controlled burning. Some classes for land managers and fire fighters are specifically for use within the state, others qualify one to participate in incidents at the Federal level through the Incident Qualification System (Red Card).

Financial assistance is provided through the Volunteer Fire Assistance grant and a limited amount of scholarships. Long range planning can be gotten by having a Community Wildfire Protection Plan, Fire Master Plan or Hazardous Fuel Assessment completed, as well as requesting a site visit by Fire Program staff.