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Kansas Forest Action Plan: The Agency's Road Map

Kansas forests and woodlands make up a small but important percentage of the Kansas landscape (10%) and are critical to public health and well-being. Woodlands and the wildlife that inhabit them are under increased threats from insects, disease, invasive species and conversion to other land uses. To address problems before they arrive and to target resources efficiently, broad public input was sought using expert’s best thinking to create the Kansas Forest Action Plan. 

The plan identifies the top seven threats and opportunities facing Kansas forests, woodlands and related natural resources, high priority areas and strategies for protection and management. This new approach helps the Kansas Forest Service prioritize and allocate funds and resources to produce the highest returns with respect to the ecological, social and economic benefits derived from our forests and agroforestry resources.

Through assessment and planning, KFS identified the following seven forest resource issues:

  • Wildfire risk
  • Loss of Kansas forestland
  • Sustaining water quality and quantity
  • Protecting and restoring forest biodiversity and wildlife habitat
  • Sustaining and protecting forest and agroforestry ecosystems
  • Maintaining and protecting the economic benefits of woodlands

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Kansas Forest Action Plan

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