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Consultants & Contractors

consultants and contractors Kansas Forest Service maintains lists of forestry consultants and contractors that are available to provide a variety of forestry services for a fee. The list of Consulting Foresters is made up of foresters who have a degree in forestry and have graduated from a University accredited by the Society of American Foresters. Consulting Foresters should be contacted by landowners seeking advice on marketing timber, inventorying forests to establish depletion accounts, tax and estate services related to forestlands, and tree appraisals associated with damage or timber theft that may require legal counsel.  Forestry Contractors may also include some of the same people listed as Forestry Consultants, however, not all of these people have degrees in forestry.  The Forestry Contractors list includes a broad range of people who provide tree planting, timber stand improvement and windbreak renovation services. Their experience and knowledge varies and should be affirmed by checking references.

The Kansas Forest Service does not promote or endorse any Forestry Consultant or Contractor and provides these lists as a service to the people of Kansas. Anyone wishing to be added to either list is invited to contact Bob Atchison.