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Conservation Tree Planting Program

Conservation tree and shrub sales will begin on September 1! Inventory on the sale site 

Trees and shrubs that are included in the spring inventory are available on the Seedling Selection Guide.


Order Conservation Trees

The Kansas Forest Service’s Conservation Tree Planting Program offers tree and shrub seedlings, as well as other items for use in conservation plantings.  Plantings may function as wildlife habitat, windbreaks, wood lots, timber plantations, or educational and riparian (streambank) plantings.

Spring Seasonal SalesThe Spring distribution offers both bare root and container-grown seedlings for sale. Orders are accepted December 1 through May 1. Orders are shipped or picked up beginning in Mid-March.
Fall Seasonal SalesThe Fall distribution offers only container-grown seedlings and orders are accepted from the first September 1 - October 15. Shipping usually occurs within one day of receiving the order during Fall distribution.

Non-plant items are offered throughout the year as availability allows.


  • Online:
  • Mail:
    • Order forms can be found by going to and printing the Seedling Order Form for 2022 and mailed. Send order form with check or money order (do not send cash)  made payable to Kansas Forest Service to:

                    Kansas Forest Service
                    2610 Claflin Road
                    Manhattan, KS 66502

  • Phone:
    • Call Toll Free: 1-888-740-8733
    • Telephone orders accepted using VISA, MasterCard, or Discover.

Claims and cancellations

All sales are final. No guarantee of survival after shipment or delivery is made. The plants are guaranteed to be the species and quantities ordered, fresh, and capable of growing. Claims must be made within 7 days of receiving the plants. No refunds less than $5. The Kansas Forest Service does not warranty the survival of the plants and is not responsible for economic loss by the customer.

See Tips of Planting Trees and Shrubs included in your tree box for proper care and maintenance of your seedlings.