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Wildland Fire Training

The Kansas Forest Service provides wildland fire training that address all fuel types found in Kansas. All courses are available at no charge to any fire department in Kansas.

Training Courses

Wildland Fire Behavior, Suppression, Strategies and Tactics Courses

These courses, designed by KFS, for classroom presentation and field application all have an emphasis on Kansas fuels. Although designed for Kansas firefighters, these courses are based on nationally recognized courses and are good for firefighters at any levels.

Courses include:

Kansas Wildfire Training Class  

This is the statewide class developed in 2020 to teach a standardized course dealing with wildland fire across the state of Kansas. The class covers firefighter safety, fire behavior, tactics, aviation, and other common factors dealing with a wildland incident.   

KFS Strategy and Tactics Class 

How do you normally attack wildland fires?  Is there a better way?  This class goes into the different strategy and tactics to use on a wildland fire.  Adding “tools” to the toolbox.  

KFS Intermediate Wildland Fire Course 

This course will go deeper into wildland fire behavior, fire observations, and leadership skills to develop company officers to make more sound decisions on wildland incidents. 

KFS Engine Operations  

Strategies and tactics when operating an engine on a wildfire. 

KFS Aviation Operations  

Are you comfortable using aviation on a wildfire?  This class will go over basic communications, operations, safety, and general knowledge of aviation resources.  

KFS Wildland Incident Command Class  

Are you ready to command a large wildfire?  This course will provide you with information on how to transition from a small incident to a large multi-agency incident. 

KFS Firing Operations  

Fighting fire with fire.  This course will go over the tactic of using fire to control fire including learning about the different firing devices, firing techniques, and when to deploy this tactic.  

KFS Wildland Urban Interface  

When homes are in the way of fires, how do your tactics change?  How can you protect structures in your response area?  

KFS Chainsaw Operations 

This course will go over the basic maintenance on chainsaws, proper cutting techniques and proper PPE/safety when using a chainsaw. 

KFS Prescribe Fire

This course will give the basics on why prescribe fire is important and the proper techniques of burning.

National Wildfire Coordinating Group Courses

These courses provide Kansas firefighters with the opportunity to become nationally qualified and respond to Federal All-Risk incidents. Successfully completing one or more of these courses is the first step to becoming a NWCG certified firefighter. This system allows for two week deployments with career opportunities and knowledge enrichment as a firefighter. 

S-130/190  Firefighter Training/Fire Behavior Course  

 (Full Course - 4 consecutive days) 

S-130/190  Firefighter Training/Fire Behavior Course  

 (Full Course - 2 weekends) 

S-130/190 Firefighter Training/Fire Behavior Course  

(Blended Version - Online with 1 field day) 

S-131  Firefighter Type 1/Incident Commander Type 5  (1 day) 

S-200  Initial Attack Incident Commander (2 days) 

S-212  Wildland Chain Saws  (3 days) 

S-215  Fire Operations in the Wildland/Urban Interface  (2 days) 

S-219  Firing Operations (2 days) 

S-230/231  Single Resource Boss: Crew and Engine  (3 days) 

S-270  Basic Air Operations  (2 days) 

S-290  Intermediate Wildland Fire Behavior (4 days) 

L- 280 Followership to Leadership (2 days) 

RT- 130  Annual Fireline Refresher Course  (1 day) 

Additional Training Courses

For other training opportunities, contact Kansas Forest Service for a list of fire science or accreditation course providers. Other organizations that provide fire training are:

In addition to Wildland Fire training, KFS administers the Federal Incident Qualification System (Red Card) for residents of the State of Kansas. Federal employees receive Red Cards through their respective agencies.

Pack tests and RT-130, Wildland Fire Safety Annual Refresher, are offered annually. Check our Events page.

For all training and Red Card needs, please contact your District Fire Management Officer.


Scholarships & Reimbursements

The Kansas Forest Service also provides scholarships and reimbursements for training, workshops, or conferences offered through KFS. Scholarships are filled on a first-come, first-served basis as funding allows, to apply; download, print, complete and mail the Scholarship Request to the Fire Management Coordinator, 2610 Claflin Rd., Manhattan, KS 66502. After you have attended the activity for which the scholarship was granted; download, print, complete and mail the Scholarship Reimbursement Request along with a certification of completion or other proof of attendance to the same address. Allow 4 to 6 weeks for reimbursement.

Please note: Only Tuition/Fees/Registration and Lodging are eligible for reimbursement. These must be accompanied by original receipts and be signed by the recipient.

If you have already attended an event offered or endorsed by the Kansas Forest Service and would like to be reimbursed for accrued expenses; download and complete both scholarship documents and send them to the Fire Management Coordinator with a brief explanation of what you attended and how it will benefit you and/or your department.

Wildland Fire Training Around the World

Kansas Forest Service fire staff have traveled around the world to train wildland firefighters. Interact with our map to learn more about KFS wildland fire training in Armenia. 



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