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Wildland Fire Training

The Kansas Forest Service provides wildland fire training that address all fuel types found in Kansas. Courses include Basic Wildland Fire Behavior and Suppression, Strategies and Tactics and several NWCG certification courses.  All courses are available at no charge to any fire department in Kansas. Participants of Kansas Forest Service training programs may be eligible for financial assistance through scholarship reimbursements. To apply, go to cost share assistance and follow the directions.

Basic Wildland Fire Behavior and Suppression and Strategies and Tactics Courses

These are KFS courses, designed for classroom presentation, teaching participants to recognize fuel types, weather and topographic conditions, along with the early warning signs of extreme fire behavior. These courses also deal with water conservation, fire ground safety and suppression tactics, all with an emphasis on Kansas fuels. Although designed for entry-level firefighters, these courses are based on nationally recognized courses and are good for firefighters at any levels.

National Wildfire Coordinating Group Courses

These courses provide the Kansas firefighter with the opportunity to become nationally qualified and respond to Federal All-Risk incidents. Successfully completing one or more of these courses is the first step to becoming a NWCG certified firefighter. This system allows for two week deployments with career opportunities and knowledge enrichment as a firefighter. The experience can be invaluable to a local fire department.

Other Training Opportunities

For other training opportunities, contact Kansas Forest Service for a list of fire science or accreditation course providers. Other organizations that provide fire training are:

In addition to Wildland Fire training, KFS administers the Federal Incident Qualification System (Red Card) for residents of the State of Kansas. Federal employees receive Red Cards through their respective agencies.

Pack tests and RT-130, Wildland Fire Safety Annual Refresher, are offered annually. Check the News and Events page or Facebook events

For all training and Red Card needs, contact Rodney Redinger .


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