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Kansas Forest Service

Kansas Forest Service
2610 Claflin Road
Manhattan, KS 66502

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Meet our Staff

Statewide Staff

Jason HartmanState Forester
Ryan RastokForest Health Program Coordinator
Dave BrutonUtilization and Marketing Program Coordinator
Darci PaullGIS Analyst
Ariel Whitely-NollCommunications Coordinator
Aimee HawkesBusiness Manager
Kylie RethmanHuman Resources Specialist
Dan ScottInformation Technology Specialist

Rural Forestry (Click here to find your rural forester)

Ryan ArmbrustRural Forestry Program Coordinator
Jami Richardson
District Forester, District 1
John Klempa
District Forester, District 2
Thad Rhodes District Forester, District 3
Chris MullinsDistrict Forester, District 4
Howard FreerksenDistrict Forester, District 5
Elizabeth JamisonDistrict Forester, District 6
Katy DhungelDistrict Forester, District 7
Andy KleinWater Quality Forester
Pam FreerksenForestry Technician

Community Forestry (Click here to find your community forester)

Matthew NorvilleCommunity Forestry Program Coordinator
Tim McDonnellDistrict Community Forester, SE District
Kim BombergerDistrict Community Forester, NE District
Jami RichardsonDistrict Community Forester, NW District
John KlempaDistrict Community Forester, SW District

Fire Management (Click here to find your fire management officer)

Mark NeelyState Fire Management Officer
Rodney RedingerAssistant Fire Management Officer - Operations/Training
Eric WardAssistant Fire Management Officer
Dennis CarlsonAssistant Fire Management Officer
Aaron WilliamsDistrict Fire Management Officer
Bryce HaverkampDistrict Fire Management Officer
Christopher HansonDistrict Fire Management Officer
Jesse SloanDistrict Fire Management Officer
Tim FlanaryFire Business Specialist
VacantEquipment Mechanic
Luke BerningFuels Specialist

Conservation Trees

Aaron Yoder Conservation Trees Nursery Manager
Shawna NehlsConservation Tree Associate
Heather AhringAgricultural Technician