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Community Assistance

community forestry The Community Forestry Program is supported and promoted in the field with technical assistance and support provided by your District and Community Forester. The Kansas Forest Service provides and can assist your community with the following activities:

  • Technical assistance - Foresters help communities complete assessments, inventories and management plans, as well as developing ordinances, plant health care practices and training programs.
  • Education and Training - Educations and training is provided to develop, facilitate, and coordinate programs and materials for forestry professionals, arborists, elected officials, planners, developers, school children and volunteers.
  • Resource Development - The Program administers federal cost sharing programs and assists in finding and developing alternate sources of funding, staff, and support for community programs.
  • Public awareness - The Community Forestry program also develops awareness and support of the value of urban forests and their need for management through the media, recognition programs, celebrations and events.