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Wood Energy Initiative

Heavy dependence on fossil fuels obtained from politically volatile areas, an emerging consensus that carbon emissions must be substantially reduced, and dramatically increasing costs of fuel oil and natural gas are driving the need for alternative energy sources, both in Kansas and nationally. Further, rising energy costs are negatively impacting Kansas's rural communities, many of which are already facing serious economic hardship.

Woody biomass is a carbon neutral, clean burning, renewable energy resource that can help solve these problems. Kansas woody biomass can be used for energy production that can stimulate and revitalize rural economic conditions as well as helping Kansas become energy independent and environmental friendly.

Objective: Grow a niche based, wood energy, and bio-based products energy industry in Kansas.

  • Pre-feasibility technical assistance
  • Arrange tours of operating systems
  • System manufacturer references
  • Engineering service provider references
  • All permitting references
  • Funding
  • References
  • Case studies
  • Information and Education
Existing Wood Energy Industries/Businesses
  • Alfalfa dehydrators
  • Wood pellet
  • Wood briquetting manufacturers
  • Food industry -- Frito Lay (Topeka)
  • Superior boiler
  • Alternative energy solutions international