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The Right Tree for My Soil

Right Tree for My Soil provides the general public and other interested parties access to a Kansas soils map with suggested tree and shrub species to plant.

To locate this information, search by the legal description (i.e. S1-T10S-R10W) or if you don’t know the legal description, you can search by address.  Click the drop down box next to the search box and choose either ‘All’ or ‘ESRI World Geocoder’ and then type in the corresponding address.  You can also zoom into the area of interest by using your mouse scrolling wheel or the ‘+’ and ‘-‘ buttons found to the left.

Zoom in and click on the soil type for suggested species.

To View larger map or for mobile devices click here.

Want to search by address?

The search defaults to "Section-Township-Range." To search for your address, click on the "down arrow" to the left of the search box in the upper right hand side of the map, and choose "All." If the search box disappears, click on the magnifying glass to display it again. After searching, click on the blue boxes to receive more information.

Source: Kansas Forestry Technical Note No. KS-10

Learn more about specific trees.

Any questions on how to use the map, suggestions to improve the map, or errors found please email Darci Paull