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Trees in Kansas

Tree Type

Western Zone

Central Zone

Eastern Zone

Cherry - BlackNot SuitableNo Suitable1
Cherry - Choke1,3-71,3-71,3-8
Currant - Golden1,3-81,3-81,3-8
ElderberryNot SuitableNot Suitable1,3
Plum - American1,3-51,3-51,3-6,8
Plum - Sandhill1,3-5,71,3-5,71,3-7,9
Sumac - Fragrant1,3-81,3-81,3-8
Cottonwood - Eastern1,21,21,2
Elm - Lacebark1,3-51,3-81,3-8
Hickory - BitternutNot SuitableNot Suitable1-5
Hickory - ShagbarkNot SuitableNot Suitable1-5
Maple - SilverNot Suitable1,21-3
Mulberry - Red1-81-81-6
Oak - BlackNot SuitableNot Suitable1,3-6
Oak - Bur1-51-81-8
Oak - ChinkapinNot Suitable1,3-61,3-6
Oak - Northern RedNot Suitable11,3-5
Oak - ShumardNot Suitable1,3-51,3-5
Oak - Swamp WhiteNot Suitable11-5
PawpawNot Suitable1,21,2
PecanNot SuitableNot Suitable1-5
PersimmonNot SuitableNot Suitable1,3-5
Redbud - Eastern1,31,3-51,3-6
Sycamore - AmericanNot Suitable1,21,2
Walnut - Black111,3
Arborvitae - OrientalNot Suitable1-51-5
Juniper - Rocky Mountain1,3-9Not SuitableNot Suitable
Pine - Eastern WhiteNot SuitableNot Suitable1,3-5
Pine - Ponderosa1,3-81,3-81,3-8
Pine - Southwestern1,3-51,3-51,3-5
Redcedar - Eastern1,3-91,3-91,3-9 

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