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Oriental Arborvitae

oriental arborvitaeThuja orientalis, or Oriental arborvitae, is native to China, Japan and Korea. The Woodward selection is used in the Kansas Conservation Tree Planting Program. It tends to form a central stem and develops into a 20 to 30 feet tree rather than the shrub form most commonly seen. This aromatic evergreen has a pyramidal shape with 12 to 15 foot spread. It has a moderate growth rate and will grow well in full or partial sunlight.

Leaves, Stems and Fruit
The leaves are scale-like and the foliage on branches is flattened into a pressed vertical plate. Inconspicuous flowers develop into 1/2 to 1 inch long woody cones.

Windbreaks - This is a desirable tree for windbreaks and should be used under the same general conditions and location in the windbreak as Eastern Redcedar.
Wildlife Habitat - The low branching habit of arborvitae provides good ground cover for a variety of wildlife.

Adaptation and Soil
Oriental arborvitae has adapted to the eastern two-thirds of Kansas and is a tough tree that grows on a variety of soils and moisture conditions. 

Use a spacing of 6 to 10 feet.

Oriental Arborvitae is readily established with two-year-old, bare root seedlings (8 to 12 inches tall). During the establishment period, control of competing vegetation will aid survival and early growth. 

Insects and diseases are generally not a serious problem, but arborvitae may be attacked by bagworms, spider mite and Phomopsis blight. It often has some winter injury, but quickly recovers

Soil Information
Average Height in 20 Yrs: 
-Eastern15-20 ft.
-Central14-18 ft.
-WesternNot Suitable
Growth Rate:Fast
Native Species:Introduced to Kansas
Windbreak Value:High
Wildlife Value:Medium
Lumber Products:No
Fuelwood Products:No
Drought Tolerance:Medium
Soil Saturation:No Tolerance
Salinity Tolerance:Medium Tolerance
pH Range:4.7-6.8