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Evergreen Tree Seedlings

Evergreen trees are woody plants typically reaching a mature height of 15 feet or more and are single stemmed for several feet above the base.  Typically, these plants experience moderate growth rates, with adaptability to sites dependant on species, but typically do not well on wet sites.  Evergreens produce cones of various sizes depending on species. 

Evergreens are typically used as the dense aspect of windbreaks and to provide cover for large animals and wildlife.

Evergreens purchased through Kansas Conservation Tree Planting Program are bare-root or "containerized", depending on species. Containerized species are grown in a tube in a greenhouse; Plants maintain their entire root system when containerized because they are not harvested from a field grown environment. Root systems are more intact and fibrous.  Bare-root species arrive without any soil attached to their roots.

The Kansas Conservation Tree Planting Program proudly offers these evergreen tree seedlings: