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Seedling and Seed Storage


Bare Root Storage

Immediately upon receiving your order, inspect and report any deficiencies. For best results plant immediately, otherwise, moisten the packing medium and store in a cool, frost free area. They can be held several days. The evergreens are the most sensitive to heating, so plant them first. If the evergreens can't be planted within 3 to 4 days or deciduous stock within a week, they should be placed in a cooler with controlled temperature between 33 and 38 degrees. They can be held there for several weeks. Keep the plants moist. In Kansas, seedlings should be planted by early May at the latest.

Storing Container-Grown Seedlings
Immediately upon receiving order, remove the plants from the box and stand them upright in a 5 gallon bucket; otherwise, new growth will grow vertically forming a crook in the stem. For best results plant immediately, but with proper care they can be held for several weeks. Store them in light shade, and protect them from wind. Set the containers above the ground (i.e. on 2-inch by 4-inch boards) or the roots will quickly grow into the soil. Water until the soil is saturated three times a week. Fertilize once a week by adding one tablespoon of 12-12-12 (or similar fertilizer) to each gallon of irrigation water.

Storing Stratified Seed
For best results plant immediately. Otherwise, keep them moist and stored at 33 to 40° F. They can be held several weeks. Germination in storage doesn't seem to hurt them. If the root is broken off, they produce several more fibrous roots to replace it.